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TILARA Polycarbonate Tube:
Tilara Polycarbonate Tube are made by best extrusion technology with best class resin and other organic compounds. Polycarbonate is one the best versatile thermoplastics.

Tilara PC Tube is lightweight, durable, high impact resistant, high tempareture resistant, high tesile resitant, ultraviolet stabilization, gloss like transparency and clarity, easily moulded, most dimensional stability then other thermoplastics.

Tilara PC Tube can be drilled, cut and sawed and easy to joint with other adhesive solvents. It has very long life so it can be used for lot of applications like extrusion, below molding and injection moulding.



Medical Apparatus (Sterilizable), Lathi (Hand Stick), Light Fittings, Laboratory Equippments, Medical Devices, Insulators, Component Housing, Handles, Novelty Items, Birdfeeders, Rollers, Industrial (Boiler),etc.

TILARA Acrylic Tube:
Tilara manufactures best quality extruded acrylic tube by best grade PMMA resin raw materials with other organic chemical substances by Extruded Line Technology. It has robus quality and available in many colors like clear, opal and transparent.

It can be easily cut & drilled and also ease fabricated with adhesive solvents. It have major robust and rigid, high impact resistance and weather resistant, light weight and having good transparency clarity. We can easily mold or bend to it by heated into any shape.

TILARA acrylic tube is available in ranges of many colors as per diameters sizes and having packed with polyethylene film or paper for better protection and good caring. It have long life so suitable for both internal and external use.


It is commonly used for grab bars in showers, tube and spas. Chemicals, Flour mills, Textiles. interior decorates & other Commercial use for dental equipment, engineering craft articles, Screen printing.


Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Dia in mm 18 18 18 25 25 25 30 30 30 50 50a
Thickness in mm 3 3.5 4 3 3.5 4 3 3.5 4 2 2.5


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