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Our Values


Tilara Polyplast Three Progressive Direction


Triangle is the container of the energy and circles make it dynamic whereas three angles are different directions towards which the energy is transformed. The destination of these directions are - Growth, Gain and Goodwill.


Without growth a person becomes stagnant - lifeless. It is very important for everyone to grow at a certain point in life. The energy force at Tilara Polyplast moves everyone connected towards growth. We, at Tilara Polyplast, offer training to our employees and business associates to skill-up and grow in the field, unmatched quality products to our customers to catalyse their project growth.

Tilara Polyplast Growth
Tilara Polyplast Gain


From any company their employees gain experience and livelihood, customers gain satisfaction, investors gain return and vendors and business partners gain profit. At Tilara Polyplast, we not only help you gain all these at 2x but also help you gain beyond all these things. The value-added gain can not be measured in money but the other way. It could be in terms of care, support or in any other form.


Tilara Polyplast is one of the 5 group companies which is into diversified businesses employing a total number of 1200 employees in India. The first generation founders of the companies have vast experience and are into various social activities. However, second generation directors are young, very talented and have a vision to take the companies to the next level. Being a part of such an establishment, one becomes a goodwill member of the organisation. This is definitely a matter of pride to connect with a reputed brand - Tilara Polyplast.

Tilara Polyplast GoodWill
Tilara Polyplast 24 Value Elements


24 Value Elements help in the journey to transform contained energy to the ultimate goals - Growth, Gain and Goodwill. These 24 Value Elements are like links in a chain which connects one end to another and makes the bond stronger. What are these 24 Value Elements? We have divided these 24 Value Elements in three sets of 8 Elements in each. So, 8 Elements are present on each side of the triangle of energy. Following are the 24 Value Elements.

Factors of being CONSISTENT:

  • Be consistent on right angle
  • Be consistent on right idea
  • Be consistent on right communication
  • Be consistent on right skill
  • Be consistent on right job
  • Be consistent on right effort
  • Be consistent on right mindset
  • Be consistent on right focus

Factors of being TRANSFORMATIVE:

  • Transform from pain to gain
  • Transform from fear to faith
  • Transform from scarcity to generosity
  • Transform from commodity to brand
  • Transform from crowd to community
  • Transform from chaos to clarity
  • Transform from pressure to co-operation
  • Transform from competition to creation

Factors of RESPECT:

  • Respect for time
  • Respect for talent
  • Respect for knowledge
  • Respect for product
  • Respect for Innovation
  • Respect for people
  • Respect for nature
  • Respect for brand


People connected with us spread goodness and transform the energy into other people. So, the more people connected with us, the wider the aura of the energy is spread. We appreciate and are enthusiastic to join hands with people having the right attitude in any form whether they are employees, vendors, customers or business partners.

Tilara Polyplast Growth-Gain-Goodwill


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