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Industry we serve
Polycarbonate Compact Sheet under Aerospace & Rail
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PC Wind shield for Metro Train
Aerospace & Rail

TILARA Polycarobnate Sheet is the only product for sound barrier which can be use as wall on the bridge, windows, office partition etc. under Building & Construction
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Sound Barrier Wall
Building & Construction

Polycarbonate Riot Shield can withstand Bullets, high impact, light weight, 200 times strong then glass. under Defense & Security Glazing
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Police Riot Shield
Defense & Security Glazing

TILARA GPPS/Polystyrene Sheet is perfect material suits for Partition with maximum amount of transmission under Interior & Decoration
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House Partition
Interior & Decoration

TILARA Light Diffusion Sheet are offers a wide rang of diffusion sheet, three different materiel (PC,PMMA,PS), transmission rang  to 55%-90%. under Lighting & Accessories
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Illuminate Signboard
Lighting & Accessories

TILARA Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet under Mass Transportation & Automotive
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Automotive Wind Shield
Mass Transportation & Automotive

TILARA PC tube under Medical & Laboratory Equipment
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Test tube
Medical & Laboratory Equipment

TILARA Sheet have big impact in signage and advertising industry PC, PMMA, GPPS, Diffusion Sheet under Signage & Advertising
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Signage & Advertising


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