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Tilara is one of the diversified business group companies which helps everyone associated level up. Positive workspace culture, health & wellness-oriented environment, supportive nature of peers & directors of the company and career advancement make TILARA the best company to work with.


Apart from compliance and basic welfare at the company, Tilara has value added offerings for the welfare of the employees.

Tilara Polyplast Canteen Food

Pure And Healthy Food At The Canteen At Free Of Cost

One of the secrets of a healthy body and mind is eating pure, hygienic and nutritional food. More than 250 employees dine at the canteen every day at zero cost to them. The food prepared at the canteen is pure, additives free and made from fresh milk products. Cleanliness and hygienic environment are given utmost importance at the canteen.

Celebrations And Fun Activities At Workplace

Celebrations And Fun Activities At Workplace

Celebrations, whetherit's for achievements or festivals and events, bring happiness in life. It also gives you a chance to bond with each other and gain knowledge. When you are at Tilara, the celebrations and fun activities are ongoing. There are celebrations during major holidays, special events and achievements by employees.

Tilara Polyplast Training and Career

Training And Career Advancement Programs

For career uplifting, training programs and mentoring plays a very important role. Joining training courses or finding mentors are very difficult. Training and career advancement programs at Tilara are uplifting for the employees.

Tilara Polyplast Wellness Program

Wellness Programs

From energizing yoga and meditation sessions that promote mindfulness and reduce stress to invigorating fitness challenges that inspire a sense of vitality, our wellness programs cater to the diverse needs and interests of our team members. We understand that a healthy body and a sound mind are fundamental pillars of personal and professional success.

Tilara Polyplast Rewards And Recognition

Rewards & Recognition

Our rewards and recognition program serves as a testament to our deep appreciation for the talent, passion, and hard work that our employees bring to the table. As we honor our employees' accomplishments, we reinforce our commitment to their growth and development.

Tilara Polyplast Office Retreat

Office Retreat

At Tilara Polyplast, we believe in creating a workplace culture that goes beyond the ordinary. We understand the importance of fostering strong bonds, inspiring creativity, and nurturing a sense of adventure. That's why we proudly offer our employees the opportunitiesity to embark on unforgettable office trips that ignite passion, rejuvenate spirits, and forge lasting memories.


Tilara always supports candidates with the right attitude through various career opportunities. The opportunity may come in the form of a job offer, recommendation to a group company, or in any other way. People with the right attitude and hard-working nature are always appreciated.

Feel free to contact us at if you are looking for right career opportunity.

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