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Agricol Group

Tilara Polyplast, renowned as Asia’s largest manufacturer of polycarbonate and acrylic sheets, has teamed up with Agrikol Group, a pioneering force in agriculture innovation

Agrikol India started its operations from 2023 and will be handling the Agrikol Group Asia projects for Installation and construction of greenhouses and glasshouses.

In today’s world, where the need for sustainable, locally grown products is rapidly increasing, Agrikol Group, along with our team of professionals at Tilara Polyplast, understands the importance of providing durable, high-tech, and efficiently built greenhouses. We offer quality workmanship for building, repairing, upgrading, and maintenance services for all commercial growers, whether they are operating on a large or small scale, as well as farms, nurseries, and other facilities serving the agricultural industry.

Tilara Polyplast Agricol India
Tilara Polyplast Agricol India

Tilara Polyplast, representing Agrikol Group for Asia, ensures that every project is handled with expertise and precision. With our extensive knowledge and experience in constructing and installing greenhouse-type facilities and halls, along with the necessary internal equipment, we guarantee a quick and professional completion of your project.

At Agrikol India, Tilara Polyplast and our team are committed to maximizing the value of your project. We listen attentively to our customers, ensuring that we fully understand their needs, and then tirelessly work to deliver the best solutions.

Whether you require a single greenhouse or a complex greenhouse system, Agrikol India, led by Tilara Polyplast, has the ability and credentials to manage the job. From obtaining permits to overseeing construction, we provide comprehensive services.


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