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olycarbonate compact sheet applications


TILARA POLYCARBONATE COMPACT SHEET offers a unique combination of material properties that makes it superior to other thermoplastic material or glass, making it the ideal product for roofing, glazing and fabrication.
PC COMPACT SHEET has high clarity and good performance for application where good visibility is important. It also has excellent temperature performance which gives good fire properties, the material is even self-extinguishing. Compact PC is well suited for thermoforming or machining.
It provides unbeatable impact resistance, 200 times stronger than glass, providing protection against breakage and shattering. It easily withstands a blow of a hammer, hence it is extremely suitable for use in safety glazing applications also in applications which require enhanced shatter resistance protective screening. Special resins are used when food approval or flame retardant characteristics are needed.
PC EMBOSSED ROLL: TILARA PC Embossed Roll has several characters with high impact resistance, light weight and can be easy cold bend processed and hot molding can be done. Hence, it can be widely used in construction and decorations.
TILARA PC Compact Sheet and roll is available in clear for maximum light transmission, clear embossed and a range of color including bronze, green, blue, opal and grey


  • Extreme Impact Strength
  • High Transparency
  • Easy Installation
  • Sound Insulation
  • Weather and UV-resistance
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • Easily machined, fabricated and thermoformed
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Eco-friendly material


  • Building & Constructions
  • Printing & Fabrication
  • Thermoforming & Machining
  • Defence & Security Glazing
  • Aerospace & Rail
  • Signage & Advertising
  • Mass Transportation & Automotive
  • Lighting


Clear, Opal, Bronze,

Green, Blue & Grey




Widths: Widths upto 2100 mm

Thickness: 1mm to 12mm




Options:Embossed texture,

single sided UV protection and both sided UV protection

Specials:Special transparent, translucent &

opaque options are available on request


General Properties Method Units Value
Density ISO 1183 g/cm3 1.2
Light Transmission (Depending on thickness) ASTM D 1003 % 81-90
Reflective index ISO 489 1585
General Properties Method Units Value
Tensile Strength at yield ISO 527-2 MPa 60
Tensile Modulus ISO 527-2 MPa 2300
Elongation at break ISO 527-2 % >100
Elongation at yield % 6
Flexural Modulus ISO 178 MPa 2330
Charpy Un-notched ISO 179 KJ/m2 Not Break
Izod Impact notched ISO 180a KJ/m2 > 65
General Properties Method Units Value
Temp of deflectioin (HTD) Under load of 1.8 MPa ISO 75-1 °C 130
Vicat softening temp (50 °C/h 50N) ISO 306 °C 144
Thermal conductivity DIN52612 W/m x°C 0.2
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 0-50°C ISO 11359 mm/(mx1°C) 0.070
GWFI(Glow-wire Flammability index) IEC60695-2 °C 900
General Properties Method Units Value
Volume Resistivity IES 60093 Ω x cm 3 x 1014
Surface Resistivity, dry IEC 60093 6 x 1015
Dissipation Factor 1Mhz IEC60250 0.009
Dissipation Factor 100Hz IEC60250 0.0006


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